How should I care for my Mer Rose painted leather piece?

Each Mer Rose item has been painted with the finest water-resistant leather paints and scuff resistant sealers. Some styles are also embellished with Swarovski® crystals. 

Due to the nature of the upcycled leather pieces and the decorations it's best to treat your Mer Rose with care and respect. She is after all a piece of art. Limit your purse/boots/etc. exposure to rain & wet weather. You can also use a water proofing spray, we've had good luck with this one.

Marks, wrinkles, cracks and some gentle wear are not imperfections, instead, they are reflective of the organic nature of the material and the fact that your item is a vintage piece. Certain items will show their colorful past with small marks on the leather or fabric.

Clean | Clean your piece with a soft, clean, water moistened cloth. Pat dry. We do not recommend leather cleaners or conditioners as they can dull and leave a film on top of the paints.

Keep Cool and Dry | Direct heat is hazardous to your Mer Rose piece. Try to limit contact with moisture. If your purse or boots gets wet, air dry upright with some dry paper towels tucked inside. When not in use, store your purse in the satin bag that came with your purchase.